Houston Hockey Club

Houston Hockey Club is Houston's latest Field Hockey initiative. We are planning to launch in January 2014. Houston Hockey Club is focusing on those people that are passionate about field hockey, call Houston home, enjoy friendships and like having fun. 

  • Did you just move here and can't find a place to continue playing your favorite sport?
  • Are you an expat in Houston and came to the conclusion that Field Hockey is not very popular in Houston?
  • Does your daughter play field hockey at school and you would like to test it yourself in Houston?
  • Did you just graduate from high school or college and want to keep on playing your favorite sport in Houston?


By visiting our site, you just made the decision to pick up field hockey again, and we’re here to help you along. If you are interested joining us, email thomas.verly@gmail.com.

Houston Hockey Club is planning to kick off in January 2014. We will need a minimum of 10 players to officially kick off. So if you are interested, email thomas.verly@gmail.com, and help us start Houston Hockey Club!

Field Hockey in Houston: look no furher: Houston Hockey Club is your final destination!

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When do we play

Houston Hockey Club will play field hockey every Saturday morning from 9AM CST until 11AM CST. Subscribe to our weekly email distribution to know the latest news about Houston Hockey Club.



FUN, FUn & FUn


Where do we play

Houston Hockey Club plays at the beautiful campus of the Kinkaid School just outside the 610 loop, at 201 Kinkaid School Drive. We play on a beautiful articial turf, just like it is supposed to be!

Houston Hockey Club

Where all the joys of Houston field hockey come together

Did you know...

Houston Hockey Club is being started by the same people that started Dallas Field Hockey Club (www.dallasfieldhockey.com). Join us to make the Houston club a huge success!